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Monday, 8th February 2016
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This page lists the benefits you can get by using the JavaWiki:


Benefits for all the users

WikiJava is easy for everyone! This section enlists some of the benefits the generic WikiJava users have. The generic user is the one who consults WikiJava without actively contributing to it. For the benefits the other contributors you just have to see below.

Examples ready to study

Ever faced the situation of missing the right example which would let you understand something in the way you need it?

If your answer is no you probably have started programming less than five minutes ago. ;)

WikiJava is the repository for these examples, here you may find the examples you were looking for, to speed up your understanding of the stuctures.

Every level

WikiJava is an useful source of information for programmers at every level: everyone from the newbies to the gurus will find useful information here. The project contains information for every level of knowledge, and, because the way it's made, the information in WikiJava is always the most update and accurate.

These considerations make obvious the fact that there's no minimum knowledge required for consulting WikiJava. On the other hand everyone can get useful information from the community, so you can start early and never leave the community.

Best practices

Over learning about the Java structures, tricks and specific technologies you will be in touch with software written according to the best practices in industry, which is a great advantage for you and for everyone who will have to work with your code.

Benefits for contributors

Above all the other benefits for all users listed in the previous paragraph some other benefits are peculiar to contributing to WikiJava and are described in this paragraph.

Improve your style

Everyone in the community will be reviewing your code, suggesting enhancements from which you can learn how to improve your style, readability and ability to develop high quality code. This is a necessity in industry standards, so it is a must if you want to develop quality software.

Developers Community

You will join a great community of Java experts whose goal is to develop their skills in order to produce better software and to grow all together.

Being an active member of WikiJava will put you in contact with other Java developers from all over the world. Everyone can learn much from these contacts.

Publication of source code

You will be able to publish much of the source code you wrote, thus having a great chance to prove how good programmer you are. Your contributions will be publicly available and they will have a timestamp.

This may be useful in many contexts, for example you will be able to prove your knowledge of a particular technology.

You may even insert the link to your contributions page in your CV. When you will be looking for a job you will have the great advantage of showing your real skills to the interviewer, reducing the risk of failing to get a job that you would be otherwise well prepared for.

Code practice

You will practice in writing Java code for educational purposes. Nowadays communication skills are a must for every company, almost no programmers work alone, so the ability of sharing knowledge, expressing ideas and to be understood is fundamental.

Code Repository

You will have a repository for your code. The code uploaded in WikiJava is securely stored and you may come back to use your code for future new projects. Because of the collaborative system WikiJava promotes, you will probably even find your code improved and greatly tested by other users.

Code validation

If you post here an implementation, other users will try to use it and report to you any problems related to your code. This allows you to have it checked and bug proofed without any effort.